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Directed by Celia Crookes

Read  through Thursday 20th July at 7:30pm

Auditions 24th and 26th July at 7:30pm

Dangerous Obsession Is a psychological thriller by N.J. Crisp

The cast consists of :-

Sally Driscoll, vivacious, enjoys the luxury in which she lives and being a lady of leisure.

Mark Driscoll, her husband,  a successful business man, immaculately and expensively dressed, good looking and confident, energetic and outgoing.

John Barrett, a rather mild, ordinary, pedantic and self-deprecating man; but he is capable of many expressions, some of which can be inexplicably dangerous. He wears a neat but not expensive suit, collar and tie..

The play is set in the Home Counties on a sunny afternoon: a peaceful scene which is then interrupted by a strange gentleman suddenly appearing at the door. Who is he? What does he want?

Sally is relieved when Mark comes home, thinking he will get rid of him.  However, a tale gradually unfolds revealing unexpected and conflicting facets of the Driscoll’s lives. How will it end?

Unexpected frights, and twists and turns in the plot keep us in suspense until the end.

But do we really know the truth?

You will realise I have not mentioned ages! It is because any age between 25 and 55  will suit, as long as the characters are matched.

PLEASE come to the read through and have an enjoyable evening.  Do have a go.! This may be the chance you have been waiting for!

Celia Crookes

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