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Our auditions are open to anyone to attend but if successful in being cast you will be expected to join IES in order to perform on the Warehouse Theatre stage.
Audition - A Bunch of Amateurs
by Ian Hislop and Nick Newton
directed by Celia Crookes
Performance dates 24th -27th October 2018

This play is about a fading Hollywood film star who thinks he going to play "Lear" at Stratford on Avon. He arrives at a little village , called Stratford in Suffolk, where the "theatre" is a barn ,and his luxurious hotel is a B and B!

The plot twists and turns but the comic dialogue continues throughout, and the result is an evening of riotous laughter and mirth.


Jefferson Steele...… a fading Hollywood star, arrogant, gauche, demanding womanizer.

Dorothy Nettle........ Director of the Stratford players, a strong personality who manages to handle awkward situations with aplomb.

Jessica Steele........ the neglected daughter of Jefferson.

Nigel Dewbury........ solicitor and leading light of the Stratford Players. Pompous and self-regarding; he wanted to be Lear.

Mary Plunkett......… Owner of the bed and breakfast. Adores Jefferson.  A jolly and generous personality

Denis Robbins......… Mr Fix it for the theatre (we have one!)Avuncular and well-meaning. Star- struck by Jefferson. A good comic part.

Lauren Bell.............. former physiotherapist, and sponsor's wife. Treated as a bimbo, but actually she is smarter than given credit for.

Journalists ............. walk on parts (and run on) with usual journalists fatuous questions and various cameras etc.

A TEAM OF BACK STAGE PERSONS MUST BE FOUND. if you are interested in helping IN ANY CAPACITY, Please come along to the read through or auditions - Come and join the fun!

Enquiries to:- Celia Crookes.     01460 394770.    or     07976387326