The Warehouse Theatre

Our auditions are open to anyone to attend but if successful in being cast you will be expected to join IES in order to perform on the Warehouse Theatre stage.
Audition - David Copperfield
by Charles Dickens (adapted by Malcolm Young)
directed by Malcolm Young
Performance dates
6th - 8th and 13th - 15th Decemberr 2018

Reading: Friday 13th July 7.30pm
Monday 16th July 7.30pm
Thursday 19th 7.30pm

Principal Adult Roles
DAVID as NARRATOR:  Elderly Charles Dickens/David Copperfield looking back on his life.
DAVID as a young man: leading role for latter 2/3 of play.
URIAH HEEP: 20s/early 30s - great character role of the not-so-‘umble scheming plotter.
DAN PEGGOTTY:  Yarmouth based fisherman, head of the family - good, strong, honest man.
MR MICAWBER:  wild caricature with delusions of grandeur.  Wonderful comedy role.
STEERFORTH: former school friend of David, a little older, from a very good family but goes to the bad.
EDWARD MURDSTONE:  Really unpleasant, cruel character who marries David’s mother. TOMMY TRADDLES: Another school friend of David - honest and true.
MR DICK: Eccentric companion of Miss Trotwood.  Very warm and charming gentleman.
HAM: Peggotty’s nephew - fisherman - good, honest man who suffers the wrongs of Steerforth and Emily.
BARKIS:  Carter, suitor of Clara Peggotty.   Very ‘willing’!
MR WICKFIELD: Father of Agnes - frail, elderly gentleman lawyer.
CLARA PEGGOTTY:  Warm, rural nursemaid to David and eventual wife of Barkis.
BETSY TROTWOOD:  Wildly eccentric great-aunt of David with an over-riding hatred of donkeys.
DORA SPENLOW:  Beautiful, frail young woman, not of this world, who marries David.
AGNES WICKFIELD: Contemporary of David and a very good friend.
MRS HEEP: Mother of Uriah and just as slimy a character.
JANE MURDSTONE:  Sister of Edward.  Cold, aloof character.
CLARA COPPERFIELD:  Mother of David, who dies quite early in the play.
MRS MICAWBER:  Mother of numerous children -her expectations of life never materialised.
MRS GUMMIDGE: Resident friend of the Yarmouth Peggotty family - very rheumatic.
EMILY:  Childhood sweetheart of Ham until she is seduced by Steerforth.

IN ADDITION there are numerous cameo roles which will be a delight to play.

REHEARSALS will begin in mid September but those of you who have worked with me before know that I will call on actors for the absolute minimum until the last couple of weeks when
we will put the whole jigsaw together.

If you would like to read a script beforehand please email