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Our auditions are open to anyone to attend but if successful in being cast you will be expected to join IES in order to perform on the Warehouse Theatre stage.

 Audition - HUMBLE BOY by Charlotte Jones

Directed by Lyn Lockyer

Playing dates 23rd to 26th May

The play - Felix’s father has just died, Flora, his mother, wants to marry George, his ex girlfriend’s father.  Felix can’t decide what to do with his father’s ashes and his stutter has returned. For a theoretical physicist such minor problems ought to be easy to handle, but in this Hamletesque comedy Felix seems unable to cope.

Please come to the reading to find out more.

Read through - Wednesday 24th January at 7.30pm at the theatre - Audition pieces will be available then.

Audition 1 - Tuesday 30th January at 7.30pm at the theatre

Audition 2 - Sunday 4th February at 2.30pm at the theatre

Auditionees - regardless of age, shape, size, etc as mentioned in the script, please audition if you like any of the roles and would like  to work with me.  What is important is the team fits and you are prepared to commit and work hard, the rest we can work out.


Felix - the son, a mid 30’s theoretical astrophysicist.  Intelligent but often socially inept, when threatened he stutters and retreats into academic considerations.

Flora - the mother, late 50’s self centred with a need for absolute power, she has a viperish tongue.

Mercy - the friend, late 50’s timid, mousy, spinsterish ‘friend of the family’ who invites herself round to help.  She has a secret crush on George.

George - the lover, confident, brash, verging on coarse at times, a lover of big band music who considers himself a bit of a dancer.   He has plans to marry Flora.

Rosie - the ex girlfriend, daughter of George, former girlfriend of Felix, a nurse.

Jim - the gardener,  thoughtful, quiet, even absent minded, with a gentle sense of humour.  He is the only person who Felix can confide in.  

PLEASE HELP - I need you - producer, props, prompt, costume, stage management, set construction and more ..... all those wonderful, unseen and unsung heroes of the theatre essential for a successful production.  

Any further information please contact me


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