The Warehouse Theatre
Jane Eyre
by Charlotte Brontë
Adapted for the stage by
Sonya Shaw
Playing dates 24th to 27th June
Read through - Friday 31st January
Auditions - Wednesday 5th and
Friday 7th February
Although the production is not scheduled until June 24th - 27th we need to know that it can be cast so a Reading will be held at 7.30pm on Friday 31st January.  Rehearsal will not start in earnest until after ‘Living Together’.  Parts as follows:
   Young and spirited. Apart from the opening scenes when she is played as a child, Jane appears throughout the rest of the play.
EDWARD ROCHESTER:  He is the quintessential Gothic romantic hero.
MRS FAIRFAX: Rochester’s housekeeper who befriends Jane.  A very sympathetic part.
ST JOHN RIVERS:  A very upright young man who wants to marry Jane and take her off to become a missionary in India.
MARY RIVERS and DIANA RIVERS:  Sisters of St. John. Lively young ladies who befriend Jane.
MINOR ROLES (Some of which may be doubled)
  Jane’s aunt - a very hard, cold character, who is very cruel to Jane as a child.
MR BROCKLEHURST:  Governor of Lowood School - harsh and unyielding.
BESSIE: Mrs Reed’s maidservant.
MISS TEMPLE:  A young teacher at Lowood - very sympathetic and caring of the young girls.
LEAH: Housemaid at Thornfield Hall, Rochester’s house.
MRS DENT:  Colonel’s wife, guest at Thornfield House Party.
LADY INGRAM:  Another guest, very grand and not very sympathetic.
BLANCHE INGRAM:  Beautiful but calculating young woman who sees herself as the future Mrs Rochester.
RICHARD MASON:  Contemporary of Rochester - returns from the West Indies and sparks off the tragic events that follow.
REV. WOOD:  Small but important role.
GRACE POOLE:  Carer of Bertha - a strong country woman not averse to a few drinks.
BERTHA ROCHESTER:  The dark secret of the story - a dangerous, mad woman.
Additionally there are eleven parts for children in the opening scenes of the play before Jane grows up.  These parts will be offered first to members of our Youth Theatre.
Hope to see you at the reading but If you are unable to come and are interested in taking part please contact Malcolm Young on 01460 53160 or